Yuval Ron

Guitarist, Composer, Resident Of The Future


Welcome to guitarist Yuval Ron’s website. I am the guitarist, composer and band leader of Residents Of The Future. In this website I will share with you my music, my videos, my thoughts and a lot more.

Guitarist and composer Yuval Ron is a prominent musician and the band leader progressive-fusion band Residents Of The Future. Based in Berlin, Germany, Yuval is performing worldwide with his different projects. His musical style if often regarded as colorful, dynamic, virtuosic and imaginative. Yuval is considered to be an “elite performer” among media and fans alike. His playing draws from many genres – Jazz, Fusion, Progressive Rock, Metal and electronic music into a unified fused style that often corresponds with the world outside of music and depicts his vision of it. More about Yuval’s bio can be read here.

Yuval Ron

“Progressive guitarists such as Yuval Ron are clearly among the ‘ruling elite’ of modern musicians who strive to bring forth the importance of virtuosic instrumental and compositional knowledge, where their works are prestigious art galleries that are designed to have close attention to be paid to them, and be mulled over carefully.”

Metal Temple

“If anything, the album is timeless, as to determine in the current sounds and fashions. Yet the exquisite sound of this self-produced Yuval Ron album is noticeable at any given moment – not only in the music, but also for its sound. “Residence of the Future” is recommended as a great piece of work.”

Ragazzi Music

“Yuval Ron & Residents of the Future give the fusion world something to be proud of. To have young men of their age carrying the torch of the genre so highly, and with so much flavor and flair, one cannot help but be impressed.”